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Teenagers and Behavior Management

My approach in behavior management is to clarify boundaries, examine roles (because often, children want to be the parents!), and help your child express themselves in a safe manner. Life is about choices, and the freedom to make mistakes. We all want our children to make as little mistakes as possible in order to avoid harm. This can cause anxiety, because children (especially teenagers) like to test those boundaries. During this transitional time in a child's life, it is helpful for your teen to have a non-biased ear to express themselves and to work on helpful coping mechanisms. 

I also offer parent sessions to work through parental stress/ anxiety/ fear in handling difficult behaviors. No one, not even a couple, is an island to themselves. Reach out, and we will discuss skills you can use to reduce your own stress during difficult parenting moments. 

Behavior management is done within individual or family sessions

Parent sessions (for two parents or more) are the same length and cost of couples sessions

Parent sessions (for one parent) is the same length and cost of individual sessions

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